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Legislative Record - Small Business and Inclusive Economic Development

Small Businesses and Inclusive Economic Development

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For the past five years, he has chaired the Council’s Business and Economic Development Committee. His focus has been on helping grow our local economy with a stronger focus on supporting small and minority-owned businesses. Kenyan fought to put millions of dollars in the Commercial Acquisition Fund to allow socially disadvantaged business owners to apply for grants to purchase commercial properties here in DC. He also secured grant funding for community development financial institutions and minority deposit institutions that provide critical access to capital to entrepreneurs of color.

Unfortunately, the pandemic exacerbated many of the problems for our city’s business owners, particularly black and brown business owners. That’s why Kenyan spearheaded an emergency relief package of $100 million to help the hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries – some of DC’s largest employers of immigrants and minority workers – weather the pandemic as best as possible and keep District employees on the payroll. A portion of that money was provided exclusively to restaurants and retailers owned by economically disadvantaged business owners.

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