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Kenyan McDuffie 2022
– My Record

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Wooden House


Creating and Defending Affordable Housing

Kenyan understands the importance of protecting, creating and preserving affordable
housing for District residents, He will fight to preserve and expand access to affordable
housing, including by ensuring that developers fulfill their legal obligations and
commitments to build and preserve affordable housing under laws ushered in by Kenyan
as the Ward 5 Councilmember on the DC Council. 
As your next At-Large Councilmember, Kenyan will continue to level the playing field
by prioritizing tenants’ rights and encouraging the development of mixed income housing
across the city that serves all communities.


Addressing Crime and Making DC Safer

Kenyan grew up in in DC during the 1980s and early 1990s. He saw and understood the
futility of using broken and ineffective “war on drugs”-style methods to combat violent
crime. Public safety strategies have evolved, but not enough. All DC residents, regardless
of zip code, should live in safe communities. That is one of the main reasons he left his
job as a civil rights attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice to become a public
servant.  As Judiciary Committee Chair, he successfully sought to ensure that smart, data-
driven criminal justice policy was at the Office of Attorney General’s disposal. He will
continue to work with his Colleagues on the Council and Chair of the Judiciary
Committee to provide rigorous oversight and ensure the Mayor is implementing and
enforcing thoughtful and effective laws that keep our communities safe. As an At-Large
Councilmember, Kenyan will also work with partners in government, education,
community organizations, and faith groups to apply and expand proven community- and
public-health-based approaches to address the root causes of crime and reduce violence.
Kenyan will also continue to focus on improving policing so that DC’s law enforcement
and other public safety agencies are equipped to handle the challenges of the 21 st century.

Crime Prevention


Environmental Justice For All of DC

Climate change is a global environmental issue, but also an issue of justice and human rights
here in D.C. The negative health effects of pollution are shouldered disproportionately by
black and brown communities. Specifically, communities of color are at greater risk from
elevated temperatures, economically more vulnerable to climate-driven public health issues,
and at greater risk from energy and food price shocks.
As an At-Large Councilmember, Kenyan will build on the foundation of environmental laws
he wrote and passed to identify additional policies and budget resources to hold polluters
accountable and further equal access to clean air and water for all District residents.


Protecting Our Seniors

The District is home to a large senior population and it continues to grow. As of 2019, one in
every nine DC resident is 65 years old or older, and the population could rise to as much as a
quarter of DC’s entire population by 2030. Seniors tend to have fixed incomes and fewer
opportunities to improve their economic outlook. As a result, seniors are more financially
vulnerable and become the target of fraudulent schemes. 
As a Councilmember, Kenyan established the Senior Advisory Council to increase contact
and prioritize finding solutions for our aging population. He also successfully advocated to
improve transportation options through Seabury Resources for Aging and passed legislation
to reduce seniors’ taxes and protect seniors from fraud and abuse. He also introduced
legislation to help seniors age in place by receiving assistance with outdoor yard services.
As an At-Large Councilmember, Kenyan will ensure the District vigorously goes after
individuals and companies that exploit our seniors and try to rob them of their livelihood.

Reading a Braille with Doctor
Family Fishing


Uplifting Our Families and Children

As a Councilmember, Kenyan has been a tireless advocate for dedicating resources to high
crime areas. As an At-Large Councilmember, he will continue to advocate for more funding
and resources around critical programs that help keep children out of harm’s way and provide
opportunities for their financial advancement.


Supporting Our Small and Local Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and entrepreneurship has always
been a path to prosperity for many Washingtonians. Local businesses help reduce the racial
wealth gap, provide jobs in communities, and reduce commercial gentrification. But to be
successful, local businesses need to have access to affordable commercial space, funding to
start their businesses, meaningful technical support and above all, a level playing field. As a
Councilmember, Kenyan successfully advocated for funding to help local businesses acquire
commercial space. Kenyan also authored and passed a landmark emergency law that directed
$100 Million in grants to assist District businesses in their pandemic recovery efforts.
Additionally, Kenyan put in place some of the strongest local business procurement
requirements and resources the District has witnessed to-date. When elected as an At-Large
Councilmember, Kenyan will expand on these efforts so that small businesses have more
opportunities and less obstacles in serving their customers for many years to come.

Soap Store Owner
Workers with Masks


Defending Workers Rights

The District’s workforce – particularly from our most vulnerable and underserved
communities – deserves to be treated with dignity and receive a fair wage that is guaranteed
by law. Throughout his legislative career, Kenyan has been an advocate for worker’s rights
and championed many key labor issues, including increasing the minimum wage, creating
more transparency in the workforce and establishing training programs for our most
underserved communities. A key policy matter for Kenyan while at the Council was
combating wage theft. Kenyan has also consistently promoted laws and policies that enhance
quality job opportunities for DC residents. As an At-Large Councilmember, Kenyan will
continue to strengthen DC workers’ rights, advocate for greater opportunities for our most
underserved populations and hold employers accountable for taking advantage of our
workforce through wage theft and the creation of unsafe work environments.

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