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The District is home to a large senior population and it continues to grow. As of 2019, one in every nine DC resident is 65 years old or older, and the population could rise to as much as a quarter of DC’s entire population by 2030. Seniors tend to have  fixed incomes and fewer opportunities to improve their economic outlook. As a result, seniors are more financially vulnerable and become the target of fraudulent schemes. 


As a Councilmember, Kenyan established the Senior Advisory Council to increase contact and prioritize finding solutions for our aging population. He also successfully advocated to improve transportation options through Seabury Resources for Aging and passed legislation to reduce seniors’ taxes and protect seniors from fraud and abuse. He also introduced legislation to help seniors age in place by receiving assistance with outdoor yard services.


As an At-Large Councilmember, Kenyan will ensure the District vigorously goes after individuals and companies that exploit our seniors and try to rob them of their livelihood. 

Financial abuse of vulnerable populations, especially seniors, is a growing problem across the country: In DC, a recent survey found 14% of those surveyed reported financial abuse at the hands of family members. 


As Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Kenyan was instrumental in the Council’s adoption of legislation protecting our seniors from financial exploitation. The law creates criminal and financial penalties for those that take advantage of our senior citizens and strengthens the Attorney General’s ability to investigate culprits that exploit vulnerable adults and senior citizens. As an At-Large Councilmember, Kenyan will continue to work with senior citizen advocate groups and local and federal partners to implement greater protections for the District’s most seasoned citizens. Above all, Kenyan will build on the very law he ushered in to make sure the District vigorously goes after bad actors that financially exploit seniors.

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